Day Trip to the Peel Region from Perth

Day Trip to the Peel Region from Perth

Day Trip to the Peel Region from Perth. This is an amazing scenic tour of the area which will take you to visit some great places in the region of Peel. Located just 45 minutes from Perth, some of the important places in this region includes Waroona, the Murray River, the Serpentine Dam, Lake Clifton, Edenvale Homestead and Pinjarra. The most distinctive feature of the Peel Region is the natural environment which it offers. Visit these locations and enjoy the culture which they have to offer, the resources and the gorgeous environment. 

Day Trip to the Peel Region from Perth and visit The Peel Zoo

Enjoy the unique experience which is offered at this Zoo. A hands on animal experience indeed!  You get to interact with these animals and enjoy your time with them. Great opportunity to handfeed the animals in the zoo, pat the kangaroos, hold the snakes around your neck, and play with the ferrets.

Day Trip to the Peel Region from Perth and walk over Pinjarra Suspension Bridge

The Pinjarra Bridge is an attraction which is very popular with visitors to the area in this region. The bridge provides a lovely view of the Murray River. After having explored and enjoyed the bridge crossing, you can further absorb the surrounding countryside. There are seats as well as barbecue facilities along the sides of the riverbanks, where you can sit and enjoy your meal.

The Serpentine Dam on your Day Trip to the Peel Region from Perth

Being one of the major Dams which supplies the metropolitan areas of Perth, it’s also a Dam with a lot of history behind it. The natural beauty surrounding it is one of the key reasons for its popularity in this area. Some of the most enjoyable things you could do would be;

  • Take a walk along the nature trails marked, be stunned with the beauty you see around you
  • The scenic lookout points will provide a great spot to take some picturesque photographic memories to take home with you
  • Go for a walk over the Dam walkway to take some gorgeous photographs of the sides of the Dam.

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