How to find a backpacker Job in Perth

How to find a backpacker Job in Perth

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Backpacker Healthcare Jobs in Melbourne Australia
WA’s employment growth by industry is expected to be broadly based over the next few years. The top three employing industries currently are Health Care and Social Assistance, Construction and Retail Trade. Other areas of employment growth are expected to be in Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, and Education and Training.

How to find a backpacker Job in Perth. Traveling around Perth and Western Australia gives you the chance to earn money have fun, make new friends. You need not worry about finding work in Perth. Tons of backpacker jobs exist and they are relatively easy to get into. As long as you have an open mind and are willing to try new things, and their loads of exciting opportunities to grab!

Why look for backpacker jobs?

Exploration, independence, and a refreshing change of scenery await you on a working holiday in Australia! You will get the chance to travel and work in Australia while learning new skills, which is a great bonus. Travellers and working holidaymakers can find various jobs in retail, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, and other fields throughout the country. And this allows them to supplement their income and gain valuable real-world experience while exploring a country bursting with breathtaking sights and exhilarating experiences.

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What backpacker jobs are available in Perth?

With one of the numerous backpacking jobs available, you may take a break from the traditional holiday mode and do something more meaningful. And these may include conservation initiatives, working with children, or picking fruit. Here is a list of backpacker jobs available in Perth for holidaymakers:

1. The retail industry

When it comes to backpackers, the retail business is a popular choice, and it includes anything from store cashiers to sales personnel on the floor. You could find yourself managing anything from luxury clothing to gadgets since there are so many diverse shopping areas and businesses.

Retail jobs provide you with more than just customer service expertise. And you do not need any prior retail experience to be considered for employment. As a new employee, you may get on-the-job training on the store’s rules.

Throughout the year, working holidaymakers can find retail jobs. But there are more jobs available before the Christmas holidays, when stores are getting ready for the rush to buy gifts. Applying for retail positions between September and November can increase your chances of landing a job.

2. Reception and Administration

An administrative assistant or receptionist position can be a good match if you’re outgoing, well-organized, good at multitasking, and pleasant. Most working holidaymakers like reception and administration jobs because they have regular hours and can work all year long, even if they’re away for a while.

Prior experience in reception or administration is not required. But it will be considered a bonus by prospective employers if you already have any. If you don’t have any past work experience, try adding a few soft skills to your resume, such as PowerPoint and Excel. This can give you an advantage.

3. Childcare

Some jobs, like bartending, let you enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life. As someone who works in another field, like childcare, you can better get to know the people in your area. The benefits of working as an au pair or nanny in Australia include getting a first-hand look at everyday life in the country as well as exposure to the culture of the country.

Most childcare positions need a Working With Children Check and current first aid training, but you can secure one without prior experience. These certifications may cost you around AUD 250, depending on your area. But you will be able to rapidly recoup your costs once you begin working in your new position.

4. The Construction and Labor Industry

Australia’s cities are constantly expanding, providing working vacationers with many opportunities to get experience in the construction sector. While construction occupations normally require some prior expertise, general labor positions are offered to anybody with the right qualifications. These occupations may vary from gardening to site cleaning, and they typically pay more than the minimum wage in some scenarios.

The construction and labor industries are active throughout the year, especially in moderate winters like Perth and Brisbane. Even while Australia’s larger cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne, have the greatest number of construction jobs available, vacant employment may be found in suburbs and remote locations around the country.

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Where to find Backpacker Jobs

If you’re a backpacker or traveler looking for a job in Perth there’s a number of resources like Online Job sites, use employment agencies and Walk-in interview options are also available. Below are some of the best resources that you can use to find backpacker jobs in Perth:

The Job Shop

The Job Shop is a licensed employment agency located in Northbridge. Registering for their services is completely free and you’ll be able to gain access to a large database of Perth jobs suited to backpackers. You can check out their website at or just walk in to pay a visit

Backpacker Job Board

Backpacker Job Board is a free online job portal for backpackers. Employers from Perth and other cities post job advertisements that are specifically suited to backpackers. The site is user-friendly, with a number of categories to choose from to help you find the job you’re looking for. Check their website at


It’s a great place to look for Backpacker jobs in Perth. It’s also really easy to search for jobs by industry so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Check out jobs on Gumtree at


Workstay is an Australian website for working holiday makers, backpackers, travelers and students, looking for work. It features a job board that lists a fair few backpacker jobs in Perthand you’ll also find information on Visas, tax, and Hostels which could come in handy. Browse through their website at

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