Pubs With Music In Perth

pubs with music in Perth

Discover the best pubs with music in Perth. We’ve carefully selected our top bars and pubs in Perth to watch live music, bands, DJ’s and entertainment. 

The Mustang Bar

This is one bar that in a nutshell has it all; good music, plenty of drinks and exotic swing dancers who know how to put on a show! The ambiance almost every single night is eclectic so if you want to party hard, this bar will not disappoint.

The Bird

Old is Gold and this pub is testament to that. The Bird is located in the centre of Northbridge and caters to all those looking to have a good time. The atmosphere here is very relaxing and the tunes add to this effect. The Bird has a reputation for its live music and tunes for varying genres are played throughout the week. Whether you are looking to relax after work or just hang out with friends, this place is perfect.

Alabama Song

For some good whiskey, fine music and a great time, Alabama Song is where you should be going to. Prices may seem a bit steep, but one thing for sure is the Bartenders here know their stuff.

Amplifier And Capitol

The music here can get loud, wild and crazy, but that’s how a lot of party people like it.  In fact there is a dedicated indoor room at the Amplifier where you can create all kinds of music. For this reason and more hard core music fans love this place.

Badland Bar

Walking into this bar feels like walking into a devils lair for this bar encourages the free spirit and the wild music they come with. There is plenty of room to do your thing here and while you are at it drink up; it is all part of enjoying the Badlands Bar.

6 pubs with music in Perth

The Ellington Jazz Club

Although this cosy little venue is known for being the hub for good jazz, you also get here blues, soul, folk, rock and R&B bands.