Backpacker Jobs in Melbourne Immediate Start

Backpacker Jobs in Melbourne


Working as a live-in nanny or as an au-pair in Australia can help you save heaps of money as accommodation and meals are provided. Many families will also provide free WI-FI and use of a car. If you’re good with kids this can be a great option. Lots of families will even pay for you to travel with them if they go on holidays etc. The only downside is you don’t usually get that much free time.

Harvest Work

This can involve working with grain crops, cotton, and all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Work in this sector includes tractor driving, header driving, driving chaser bins and the actual harvesting of the food. You can even get jobs cooking meals for the workers! This is probably the most popular job among backpackers, and this is probably because the only real requirement is that you’re fit enough to do the work! Beware; the work can be tough and tiring. 

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Working in a Backpackers Hostel:

Plenty of backpacker hostels around Australia offer backpackers the chance to work part-time, (mostly cleaning and reception work, or serving if they have a bar or restaurant), in exchange for accommodation. The best thing about this is that you get to work in a fun environment and meet other backpackers from around the globe! Plus, if they have a restaurant, you might get some meals included too!

Labouring and Construction:

You can find entry-level work as a general labourer, but the pay isn’t as good and the work is definitely more physically demanding than if you are a skilled labourer with experience.

Temporary Administration:

If you have some previous experience and skills in admin, temp admin work is relatively easy to get. You can expect to fulfil the roles of a receptionist or admin assistant, looking after filing, data-entry and general office work. The best thing about temporary admin jobs is that you work on short-term contracts. This means you can work and save for a while without worrying about having to quit when you start getting itchy feet.

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