A Road Trip from Perth to Wave Rock and Back

Perth to Wave Rock Tours

Perth to Wave Rocks Distance

It takes three hours and 34 minutes 336.2 km via State Route 40

Take a road trip from Perth to Wave Rock to explore Western Australia. The drive will take you through idyllic outback towns and stretches of road that continue as far as the eye can see.

Options Hire A Campervan Hire a 4WD  or Take a Bus Tour

There are several ways you could get to Wave Rock, you could take an organized tour that will save you from missing any highlights on your way or hire a campervan or 4WD and take to the highway on an adventure to visit wave rock.

Albany Highway

Start your journey on Albany highway and go via Brookton to take the Southern route to Wave Rock. You can drive the beautiful Greenmount Hill, the oldest plateau on Earth, in the Darling Range; you can view the archaean granites from the high ground of the Perth Hills and in road cuts, with good examples in the Mundaring Weir area.


This is a great first stop as it is only 30 minutes from Perth CBD. Armadale is perfect for you if you’re a lover of all things relating to vehicles. Visit the Bert Tyler Vintage Machinery Museum and discover a rare and exciting collection of Twentieth Century engines. If you were a boy scout then you’ll love the Morse Code demonstrations on Tuesdays between 10 am and 1 pm; you will get the chance to send your own telegraph message. If you’re a water lover enjoy watching regattas and then head over to Champion Lakes and catch a competitive boat race.


After travelling 2 km on the left side of the road, you will see farming land and the beautiful surrounding bushland before the town of Brookton. Once you enter shire, take a break and have lunch at Stumpy’s Gateway Roadhouse on Brookton Highway or head over to the Old Railway and Pioneer Park with your pre-packed picnic. Sit by the water feature (try not to take a dip) and then browse the unique arts and crafts store.


Enter the friendly countryside community in Corrigin and you will be received with open arms to their recreational activities. Take a walk around the Shopping District Route and see Corrigin Museum. While you’re on the Town Site Circuit, swim in the Corrigin swimming pool. Corrigin is known as the famous dog-in-a-ute town and has a nearby dog cemetery which you can visit. .


Once you enter Kondinin, you will be 272 km east of Perth on the Brookton Highway and close to your destination. Kondinin plays homage to the families that called it home with The Centenary Walk; a trail of exquisite mosaics that have been laid to commemorate past and present families, businesses and organisations. Learn about the Wheatbelt towns that make up the various pathways to Wave Rock.


End your tour in Hyden, the closest town to Wave Rock. From Hyden, make your way to Wave Rock which stands an outstanding 15 meters high and 110 meters long.

Spend a night 

To make the most of this spectacular rock formation and surrounding activities, spend the night in one of Hyden’s cottages or the Wave Rock Lakeside Resort for two-bedroom cottages on the shores of Lake Magic. If you took your campervan the base of Wave Rock hosts a tranquil caravan park in a natural bush setting, perfect for an overnight stay.

Hyden Wave Rock Pool

Walking through a carpet of Spring Western Australian wildflowers near Wave Rock, under a bright blue sky, listening to the wind in the Sheoak trees, you will come across a magnificent, prehistoric rock formation. You will marvel at the size and shape, eroded by the weather over millions of years. This is Wave Rock.


Climb to the top and enjoy the view of the surrounding farmland, shiny salmon gum-forests, and the beautiful salty scrubby bush. This is Australia at its finest. Take a short walk to Hippo’s Yawn, offering spectacular views of the orchids and wildflowers in spring.

Things to see and do in Hyden

You can experience Wave Rock and Hippo’s Yawn,eExplore the Humps and Mulka’s Cave,enjoy walking trails,take a farm tour, wildflower  tour(from September- November), visit the wildlife park, enjoy Lake Magic at Sunrise and Sunset,Australian Aboriginal Cultural Tours, Bush Tucker, WA, The Lace Place, Pioneer Town Museum, Hyden Street Scape Art,The Miniature Soldier Museum, The Rabbit Proof Fence visit the Burngup School and Yvonne’s Doll Collection.

An Alternative Route

When returning If you want to see Perth’s Northern suburbs then start your journey from Hyden Kondinin, Corrigin, Quairading  and York.Drive through the Jarrah Forest of Darling Range for a completely different and enchanting experience. The Jarrah Forest is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna and has sign-posted drives for you to enjoy the scenic land. It’s a four hour drive through the otherworldly sounds of Jarrah Forest.


The name Quairading means the home of a small bush animal. Stop at Quairading to see the artistic work of Ian Wills; believed to be the only full time natural wood sculptor in Australia. The woodland areas of the reserve have unique and wonderful wandoo, york and salmon gum forests that are perfect to experience.


York sits in the Avon Valley of Western Australia and is the oldest inland town, 97 km east of Perth. This town will charm you with its beauty. Take a drive tour through the Avon Valley to discover the hidden allure of York. If you’re an adrenaline junkie then start your morning with an invigorating sky dive from 14,000 feet for 60 seconds of heart-stopping freefall. You will gain a panoramic view of Avon Valley, Perth and Rottnest Island during the 5-7 minute floating canopy.

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